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A Few Words About Us

Our mission is to help individuals reach their highest potentials by bringing them clear, concise information from experts in various fields of human development.

Glenangus Media works with academics and practitioners to share information they wish the public knew through a peer-reviewed editing process. 

We also work with authors who share information through creative writing genres. 

Publications are crafted for optimal accessibility in regard to eBook, print on demand, and audio format options at low cost.

Glenangus Media sees all persons reaching amazing potentials regardless of their intellectual, social-emotional, socio-economic, or physical capacities and contributing to the greater good.

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Our Team

We love telling a story

Teresa Pisano PhD

President & Acquisitions Editor

Dr Teresa Pisano is cognitive neuroscientist retired from the ivory tower and clinical work in speech-language pathology. She consults on related research, curates and edits publications, and creates continuing education trainings. 

She also dabbles in creative writing. 


Company Muse

Cows are symbols of nourishment and all things nurturing. Rachel motivates us to produce content that entertains and, hopefully, inspires others.

She's very curious and loves to ski.

Richard Pisano Jr

Treasurer & Raconteur

Rich Pisano is the CEO of a global manufacturing company. His role involves extensive world travel exposing him to different cultures. As an expert in his industry and a humorous and captivating storyteller, Rich is a frequent marquis speaker at conferences internationally.

He's the BIG IDEA guy.